Why Shop Small? Posted on 25 Jul 21:00


When I started this business I wanted to create a fun subscription box that curates items for both Mom and kids. I wanted a box that is customized for the kid's ages and to ensure they received age appropriate items. I also wanted to support small businesses. Supporting small business and shopping small is very important to me. Especially when these businesses manufacture and make their items in America. I've been asked why I'm so passionate about small businesses and shopping small so I thought I'd answer. 


1. Shopping at small, local businesses can have a significant impact on the local economy. According to civil economics an average of 48% of each purchase at independent businesses is recirculated locally. 


2. Small businesses provide jobs for others within the community. Not only for their employees but also for suppliers and vendors. For example, a T-shirt company that uses American made shirts is purchasing from a US company and they have local screen printers to print their shirts. These business also indirectly support local banks, attorneys, accountants, etc. 


3. Small businesses provide better customer service. I saw a great quote that really spoke to me "When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance". Small business truly want, and need, your business and they will make sure they go above and beyond to satisfy their customers. An example of this is our subscribers who buy our box as a gift. They will email me and ask for a specific note to be included in their box. I gladly do that and anything else to exceed our customer's expectations. 

4. Shopping small builds a sense of community. In my search for items, I have met awesome local vendors and developed relationships with them and frequent their businesses for my own personal needs. Small businesses are significantly more flexible with their inventory and customer experience because they are seeing you face to face. Simply put, you are not a credit card number behind a LED touchscreen to them. 


5. Last, but not least, you will feel great about supporting small businesses. You are helping, directly support their families, their children and their dreams. Not adding another stall in a skyscraper 5,000 miles away. 


Therefore, let's commit to shopping small at least several times a month. Next time you need produce visit your local farmers market. If your kids need a toy go to the locally owned toy store or get on Instagram or Etsy and shop small.... And don't forget about our boxes. Once a month you and your children can receive a box full of treasures and know that someone put their heart and effort into your new item and know that your purchase helped dozens of small businesses right here in America. 


Pictures are some of the boxes we have curated recently. Pictures provided by @pictureperfectproduct