General Questions

What is a Mom 'n Tot Box? 

Mom 'n Tot Box is a monthly subscription box, for Moms and Tots up to age 4. Our boxes will include items exclusively from small businesses made in the USA. 

What do I get in my Mom 'n Tot Box? 

Every month you will receive a variety of items for you and your child. Each box is customized to your child's age and gender. All items in our boxes are exclusively from small businesses and made in the USA. Each item is selected for its quality, uniqueness and utility. We work with an ever-growing number of small businesses to ensure every month's box is unique. We hope to connect you with many small businesses and in return give you a box full of amazing products that you look forward to receiving monthly. 

Ordering and Shipping Questions

I've ordered my Mom 'n Tot Box? When does it come? 

Our order cycle runs from 15th-15th each month. We ship our boxes on the 1st of every month. Delivery will be done via USPS Priority Mail in 3-4 days. 

Example: Mary orders her Mom 'n Tot box on the 14th of June. The box is built, by hand, with her child's age and gender in mind and then it is shipped on the 1st and Mary will get her box in 3-4 days after we ship. Tracking numbers will be provided upon shipment. 

Example: Mary orders her Mom 'n Tot box on the 22nd of June. It would be sent on August 1st. 

How do I inform you of my child's age and gender? 

When you set up your subscription you enter that information along with your payment. It will be saved and kept private for use throughout your subscription. 

How much is shipping? Do you ship internationally? 

We ship free via USPS Priority Mail within the United States and territories (Puerto Rico, Guam, etc). We are happy to ship internationally for $10. We ship to Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and select nations around the world. Please contact us if you have questions about shipping to your nation.  

What does it mean to sign up month to month, 3- months and 6-months? 
If you choose month-to month subscription: you will be billed $45 every month
If you choose 3-month subscription, you will be billed $120 up front, and after the 3rd bundle, you'll be re-billed $120 again for another 3-month subscription.
If you choose 6-months subscription, you will be billed $225 up front, and after the 6th bundle, you'll be re-billed $225 again for another 6-month subscription. 

Do you take returns? What happens if my item is not delivered or delayed?

We do not accept returns. We are not responsible for lost items that were sent to the registered address given to us at the time of payment. 

Due to the nature of our business we cannot refund subscribers after the subscription is placed or renewed.